At Federal Benefits Information Center, we are the ones responsible for conducting you’re in person, annual benefits briefings, as required by every Federal Agency.  We serve mid-career and pre-retirees by helping them understand how they can maximize their benefits so they can live their best life and retire the way they picture it. We do this by providing every federal employee with a CABS report, That’s a Comprehensive Annual Benefits Summary.  It’s the only report that combines all their federal benefits in one place, including their FERS Annuity, Social Security Benefits, FERS Supplement, FEGLI, TSP, Family Benefits Overview, and more. It provides a picture of where they are today and where they are headed.

Much of our communication is virtual and some of it is on location.  As a national organization, our Educators can reach any agency or federal employee in the US.  Our website ( is a great resource for federal employees as it will provide answers to many common questions and concerns.  A federal employee can request their CABS report from our site as well.  To schedule a Benefits Briefing for your team, or to learn more, you can write to or call 847-749-7445


Jamie Polec
Lead Educator