You might say John Moore is a lone wolf these days.

Moore is the last USPS rural carrier on a “mileage route.” This means his salary is based on the number of miles he drives — an amount that doesn’t change from paycheck to paycheck.

Some other carriers are also paid by the mile, but their salaries can be affected by other factors.

“If they lose time, they lose money. If they gain time, they gain money,” Moore said. “In my case, whether I lose hours or gain hours, I’m still going to be paid the same amount.”

Mileage routes used to be more common, but they’ve gradually been phased out over the years.

Moore, who is based at the Martinton, IL, Post Office, is fine being the last of his kind. He just marked his 55th year on the job, although he’s been delivering mail for as long as he can remember.

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