Introducing the Illinois UPMA Lincolns Program Membership Drive

Any UPMA member that signs up a new member from November 1st, 2018 until the Illinois State Convention May 16th, 2019 will receive:

 5 Lincolns for a Postmaster/EAS who joins.

1 Lincoln for any associate members who join. What is a Lincoln?

What is a Lincoln?

(Hover over to find out)


That’s right sign up members and make real money, payable in Lincolns at State Convention!!!

IL UPMA Executive Vice President Meta Belford has leads on prospective new members and there will be some travel money available for people to drive around to non-member offices and try and recruit Postmasters. If you are interested in forming a team and taking a day to grow Illinois UPMA contact Meta using the form below.

All Lincolns will be payable with attendance at State Convention and payouts are capped at $595.00 per annum.