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Re: Special Exemption- to deliver mail

HRSSC has cut PS-Form 50s effective 12/31/2022, making all Exempt Postmasters 18-22 and all Exempt Station Managers Special-Exempt with a reason code allowing them to allowing them to be eligible for “additional pay when delivering mail.”

After a long struggle by UPMA, a temporary modification to Postal pay policy will allow select exempt non-bargaining employees to be eligible for additional pay when those employees are needed to deliver mail due to staffing shortages. Based on a UPMA request and conversations at the St Louis UPMA National Convention, the Service has decided to temporarily modify policy and allow employees permanently assigned to the following positions to be eligible for additional pay at the straight-time rate if authorized to deliver mail.

The policy will provide extra compensation for the time a Manager or Postmaster delivers mail, provided the total work hours are more than 8.5 on a scheduled day or any hours on a non-scheduled day. This temporary pay policy is applicable only in those circumstances. Management must meet all contractual requirements before authorizing non-bargaining employees to deliver mail.

This temporary policy commenced on December 31st, 2022, and is now set to end on October 6th, 2023. UPMA is hopeful this will continue to stay in place until such time as the staffing shortage is rectified. UPMA appreciates this change and looks forward to further discussions with The Service on this and other issues facing our members. This is another example of what can get done when we work together.

Please share this with your Area/District Managers as you need to; no further announcement will come from the Service.

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